Want a backpack you can hide your rocket launchers and drugs in? Well this one ain't fuckin' it! 
Alli hopped in a time machine to a much simpler time of shiny metallic shirts, pipe-leg jeans, and when the worst thing the president did was get honched up in the white house.

Only 6 all together will be sold. So if you have nothing to hide but your Hooligan pride (oh yeah...I went there) this bag is for you!

-This item comes with your choice of a hardcopy either "The 2" , "The 6", or BOTH! (for an addition fee or course)
-The first 100 preorders of the album will also recieve a super rare mystery gift from us as a thank you for supporting this crazy movement. 
- All album preorders will be shipped out approximately 2 weeks before the albums digital release so you will get to hear it first

"THE 2 & THE 6" Clear BackPack by Alli🖤 Preorder Bundle

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